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The Intention Project

Hello party people!

I’ve missed y’all! It’s been a season and I’m super grateful to be back. For the longest while,  I’ve been sitting on “What’s going to be the BEST post to jump back into it?” I was driving myself crazy with my feeble attempts at putting myself back out there with something mind blowing for all of you lovely folks. Nothing was good enough. Or creative enough. Or exciting- why weren’t my ideas exciting?!

Then, while I was entertaining these ridiculous thoughts, I looked up and realized I had neglected us for four more months than I intended! Yikes! And big cyber hugs for that.

Well, God is good and he sent me a friend, who I hadn’t seen in about that much time, to nudge me along. She welcomed me to join her Intention Project. A post-a-day of your daily intention. This is very much a practice in imperfectionism and vulnerability. Guess what? I’m on Day 2 and it’s incredible – I had to share this with y’all! 

My youngest son asked what I was doing when I sat down with a sheet of white paper, drawing out my intention of gratitude. When I explained that I was going to practice gratitude for the day, he said he wanted to create an intention, too! And it was luv. Then the most amazing thing happened, he sat in luv for most of the day! There were a few hairy moments, but I gently reminded him of his intention and his face would light up and back to luv he went.

So, once I got passed the silly voices that y’all would only love me if I was perfect and I could only inspire by being Pinterest worthy, I decided that this special, little big project should be shared with my blog tribe. I hope you’ll consider joining me. It’s so easy and freeing all at once! Grab a journal or even a single sheet of paper. Heck, a scratch piece of paper will work! Set your intention for the day. Write or sketch away- I’ve spent about 5 minutes on mine with a three year old crawling over me and drawing next to me. Keep it visible for the day and breathe. That’s it! As my wise friend who began this life movement said- there’s nothing bad that can come from it.

Happy to be reunited!

In love and joy,

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  1. Welcome back LoveJoy! Missed your words of wisdom and thank you for the reminder to set the intention for my day!


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