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Life is tasty. And gorgeous. And breathtaking.

Here, I’ll share a few of my favorite things from fashion to home to travel and most definitely God’s original design – nature.

A motto I’ve lived by since birth is “you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot”. Sometimes you just need to hunt a little. Sometimes you just need to wait a little. Sometimes you just need a friend to show you how to work a little magic with the special things you already have.

The Intention Project

Hello party people! I’ve missed y’all! It’s been a season and I’m super grateful to be back. For the longest while,  I’ve been sitting on “What’s going to be the BEST post to jump back into it?” I was driving myself crazy with my feeble attempts at putting myself back out there with something mind blowing for all of you lovely folks. Nothing was good enough. Or creative enough. Or exciting- why weren’t my ideas exciting?! Then, while I was entertaining these ridiculous thoughts, I looked up and realized I had neglected us for four more months than I intended! Yikes! And big cyber hugs for that. Well, God is good and he sent me a friend, who I hadn’t seen in about that much time, to nudge me along. She welcomed me to join her Intention Project. A post-a-day of your daily intention. This is very much a practice in imperfectionism and vulnerability. Guess what? I’m on Day 2 and it’s incredible – I had to share this with y’all!     My youngest son …

A Minute with God

Have you ever tried to spend one still minute with God? Not praying or talking but simply silent and still with Him. I tried this morning. Alone in my hotel room, it should have been easy. But it wasn’t. It was unsettlingly hard. All of the thoughts I wanted to share with Him. I was that kid. The one on pins and needles, ready to explode three seconds into 1-2-3 Quiet & Still. I’m pretty sure I didn’t last much longer than that before attempting to start over again in my stillness with God. And again. But that’s the amazing thing about God. His Grace starts over again and again. And again. Over the last few weeks, I feel like God has gently been nudging me to “Rest.” I’m not sure why there is so much guilt associated with resting. Embarassingly, I’ve been one to judge and envy stay-at-home mama friends or someday parent friends who take these things called “siestas” or “naps” while their toddlers slumber or just because they’re tired. Wth?? And it makes …

Travel Hacks!

Tis the season for traveling! Whether you’re skiing, camping or beaching it, these travel hacks will surely make your vacation a little smoother. Read, sit back and relax! Rent It Like It’s Hot Anytime we can airbnb, VRBO or HomeAway it over over a hotel, that’s the route we go. We pack half a week’s worth of clothes and wash and re-wear. Cooking versus eating out every meal makes for a fatter wallet and slimmer waistline! Plus, more room for the kiddos to runaround always seals the deal for me. Dump, Stir and Bake This hack is my new favorite- shared by a wise friend and fellow baker. If you have access to a kitchen, you can easily bake up some of your favs without lugging or buying all of your ingredients there. Simply layer all dry ingredients your recipe calls for into a plastic baggy. Write on the baggy all of your wet ingredients you need to add With a sharpie and baking temp and time. Dump, add wet ingredients, stir and bake! I …

SXSW: Pow! Wow! Hawaii and SprATX Artists Please Stand Up

Didn’t see that one coming, did ya? Move over delicious delicacies and make way for two tasty artists I have had the extreme pleasure of doing life with. These two profoundly talented, yet extremely different, friends are scaling the art + life scene in our uber creative Austin. I have been blessed to witness both of their journeys from arriving into the city to career moves and leaps of faith. They are changing the streets of Austin by spreading joy, passion and love to all they meet and all who meet their work at any given turn through the city. Lucas Aoki + Mike (Truth) Johnston. Brothers of Life. Brothers of Art. Today, Mike and Lucas join me for lunch to share a bit about the beginning of their journey, what inspires their art and their brotherhood. LoveJoy: Share with me the first time you two met. Truth: We met in NYC more than 10 years ago – Erin (Mike’s wife) and I were in town for the marathon. Ellen (Lucas’ wife) brought us to a bar and I remember speaking very …

Finally Flannel

Hands down, my favorite decade is the 90’s. From music to fashion, good tv and great movies, I loved everything about it. To my utter delight, flannel has finally made it’s way back to my closet and I am tickled. A recent snag I found was at Target! It happened to be 40% off and I snatched it without thinking twice.