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Nature’s Prozac Part I

Depending where you’re planted right now, the great outdoors might not feel like an oasis. Buuuuuuuttt, please hear me out. I was in quite a dumpy mood for a few days while the weather was cooling down. I spent my time bundled up nice and tight inside, trying to keep warm with hot tea and extra hugs from the kiddos. My favorite winter activities involve blankets, snuggling and movies. But as the temperatures were dropping I noticed my temp(er) rising. Finally, in a tizzy, I bundled the kids up and decided we would overhaul our raggedy garden and get those spring bulbs in.

No more than five minutes had passed and my Spirit was lifted! I heard laughter all around me. And wait, what was that noise coming from me? Alas. It was laughter as well. Maybe it was the brisk, cold air. Maybe it was getting my hands in the dirt. Possibly, it was the hunch I had as I planted 100 bulbs around my home, that in a few short months there would be a bounty of beauty and gorgeous color surrounding my Life. And I simply savored that moment in my raggedy garden, planting the seeds, knowing I would forget they were even there, then waiting and remembering my Soul lifting afternoon.

Whether you’re surrounded by snow, the ocean, or a mountain – get outside today! The sun, the air, the ground. You know you can do 15 minutes.  You deserve it!


**This was our first time planting bulbs so be on the lookout for a Spring Review of our endeavor. I have all of my fingers and toes crossed for a few awe inspiring blooms!


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