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My Essential Item for Cold and Flu Season

Welcome to cold and flu season. We’ve already endured a hiccup in life this year so I wanted to share with you our family’s numbero uno, essential item to get us through the season of hacking and sneezing.


As in robbers? Yes and no. Thieves is an essential oil blend made by Young Living and I douse my family in it throughout the winter and much of the school year (I do not sell for them and doTERRA,the other large essential oil distributor, sells their version called OnGuard) . It’s not foolproof, but it is extremely effective. I roll it on the bottom of the kids’ feet every am before school and pm before bed. We use the Thieves hand soap (it smells like winter!) and we diffuse it if we’ve been around someone who’s been sick or if one of us isn’t feeling 100%. YL also offers a Thieves sanitizer that just smells delicious and isn’t made with triclosan, so I feel good about the kids using it in a pinch.


Our family’s very used bottle of Thieves


Click me for a quick history and a peek into Young Living. You can also buy Thieves at most natural pharmacies.

A bottle of Thieves isn’t cheap, but it only takes a drop at a time so a bottle should last you awhile. In my humble opinion, Young Living and doTERRA have the cleanest essential oils that are food grade and extremely potent, which is why they cost a bit more.

Enjoy the yummy smell and the protection of a powerful and natural gift!

Love and Joy!


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