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May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Fourth, everyone! Today is one of my favorite holiday non-holidays! And for this exceptionally awesome day, I thought I’d share our Star Wars Birthday party I threw for the boys a couple of years ago. The location was a rock climbing gym which made for a simple, Tatooine-ish planet. Then etsy helped us out with their abundant assortment of SW themed anything you could possibly imagine and then some.   Easy Yoda ears on kid friendly Izze’s.    Force Fuel  water bottles to keep the young Jedi’s hydrated!   Jedi Robes – take one yard of  basic brown cotton fabric and fold it in half horizontally. Cut out a half circle for the head. Fold into a nice square and wrap the party favor up with white rope or chord (also doubles as the belt) and there will be a plethora of happy young Jedi’s running around.    Because you just have to.   Light saber popcorn holders.    Don’t worry- thermal detonators were chocolate covered cherries in disguise.   Two gluten free chocolate …

A Present of Presence + a Simple DIY for Valentines

How’s everyone feeling? Lovelier? Lighter? Crazy and tired? Yep, me, too. Wrapping up our (almost) two weeks of love spreading, I subconsciously focused the first week on friends and strangers. This week I realized there were a few people who could use some extra impromptu love right under my roof! I started thinking about what kind of Valentine surprises and treats I would make for the kiddos and Joe when God hit me with a big – Your presence is the best gift they could receive. Wow. Ok. Got it. After that very loud whisper I began consciously leaving my phone and laptop in our bedroom or in my purse. If it’s not out, I’m not perusing mindless activity that has nothing to do with the current moment I’m sitting in or who I’m with. And guess what? It worked! I’ve had a really lovely week with my children and my husband. Nothing mind blowing. No fireworks. We kept our quota of crazy, hair bending moments, too. But there were loads of extra hugs and laughs …

The Sharpie Mug

I love me some pinterest. I have to be very careful not to overdue it and look up to take care of my family and husband. I’m teasing. Mostly. (I really do save my pinterest time for after the kids’ bedtime. Usually.) Well, I’ve been seeing the sharpie mugs for the last year now and finally decided to give it a go. I only had regular sharpies on hand and this is the process I ended up using.