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Travel Hacks!

Tis the season for traveling! Whether you’re skiing, camping or beaching it, these travel hacks will surely make your vacation a little smoother. Read, sit back and relax!

Rent It Like It’s Hot
Anytime we can airbnb, VRBO or HomeAway it over over a hotel, that’s the route we go. We pack half a week’s worth of clothes and wash and re-wear. Cooking versus eating out every meal makes for a fatter wallet and slimmer waistline! Plus, more room for the kiddos to runaround always seals the deal for me.

Dump, Stir and Bake
This hack is my new favorite- shared by a wise friend and fellow baker. If you have access to a kitchen, you can easily bake up some of your favs without lugging or buying all of your ingredients there. Simply layer all dry ingredients your recipe calls for into a plastic baggy. Write on the baggy all of your wet ingredients you need to add With a sharpie and baking temp and time. Dump, add wet ingredients, stir and bake! I baked my thumbprint cookies in a fraction of the already short time.

Over two dozen cookies - in the bag!

Over two dozen cookies – in the bag!

Starbucks, Don’t be Hatin’
Calling all tea drinkers! Carry your favorite tea bags with you (such little space they take up!) and ask any restaurant for hot water. $3 tea = $0

A warm belly and thicker wallet!

A warm belly and thicker wallet!

Ask and You Shall Receive Part I
Ask friends, family and social media networks to borrow ski clothes or camping gear, especially for kids!

We have SUPER awesome friends who live a couple of hours away from our vacation spot and were going to hang for the weekend. They graciously offered to grocery shop for us so we didn’t have to stop and spend another hour or so in the store after getting off the plane. Find friends like these!

Each of my kiddos carry a backpack that they pack with a book, game and small lovie (stuffed animal). The night before I add a few surprises like a tiny toy or Lego and a special travel snack to entertain during the flight or drive! Cliff Z fruit ropes, Lara bars and honey sticks have all been a hit. Even my husband gets a few (grown up) treats! Paleo Banana Bread!

mmm…mini Paleo Banana Bread!

Then, I packed airplane surprise/snacks in the suitcase for the ride BACK and reused my ziploc baggies from the ride over!

So Fresh and So Clean
I use a small mason jar to transport laundry detergent but a 3 ounce toiletry container would work, too. Label clearly! This small container has saved us half a suitcase per person in clothes.

Ask and You Shall Receive Part II
Rewards memberships and ask, ask, ask! Join any and all free rewards membership programs- airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc. Even if you don’t use that particular company frequently they will add up over time and members will always be more likely to receive an upgrade over non-members. If you don’t ask for free upgrades you’re probably not going to get them. Unless you’re the Duchess. Then you don’t need a free upgrade. Plus, the worse that could happen is you receive a polite “No, there’s not one available.” Become the king or queen of asking!

My Love/Hate with Disney
I grew up loving Disney and now that I have children I hate it. It’s hot, sweaty, and expensive. And honestly, people just aren’t that pleasant to be around because they’re all hot, sweaty and broke. But if you’re making the trip, here are a few tips we’ve discovered! Buy your souvenirs ahead of time. What the what?! You’ll save a ton and your kiddos can don them as they arrive at the park. Plus, more time in ride lines versus retail lines! The retail stores at the parks are Craz-AY with a capital AY. And don’t even think about skipping the fast pass option- the park’s not worth going to unless you utilize this perk!

Cruz was tickled by his surprise breakfast guest. And look who's sporting his pin!

Cruz was tickled by his surprise birthday guest. And look who’s sporting his pin!

Oh, and order some pins off of Amazon for practically nothing. All of the Disney employees have to trade a pin if your child requests it. A fun little extra addition to the entire trip without having to spend a lot of dough!

Klean Kanteen
We love our reusable water bottles. Hydration at the pool or beach is SO important! As is cheaper cocktails if you’re staying at a hotel. Mix your own drink and bring down in your water bottle to avoid $10 beverage charges. We do use them for water, too! For the kids.

Dump That Junk
Last but not least- ladies, dump out your purses a day or two before you leave and clean those puppies out. You wouldn’t believe what I found in mine that was weighing it down. Ugh. Travel was 50% lighter!

Hope these help smooth out your next vacation! What are your go-to hacks for a more relaxing trip? Share below in the comments!

Happy and safe travels everyone!

In Love and Joy,

And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” – Exodus 33:14

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  1. Alice says

    Totally agree with you that airbnb and vrbo, etc are the way to travel. Beats the hotel stay. I travel with the ind. Packets of flavored iced teas or sugar free drinks which saves you dollars.


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