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Paleo Granola

I have been playing with this Paleo Granola for A LONG TIME and I think I found a winner! I started out using a more traditional recipe from my friend Stephanie, over at The Nutrtion Mom. Stephanie is such an inspiration and has a really beautiful story – stop by and say hi! She’s doing BIG things in beautiful and delicious ways. Stephanie’s also my go to girl for a (delicious) Raw Detox + Cleanse! When I realized I needed to get off of grains I was super bummed to think about missing out on one of my all time favorite snacks – granola. I have loved granola since I was a young girl – before it resurged into mainstream when folks would endearingly call me a crazy hippie. Folks being my parents. Boy how they were wrong! Mostly. Love you Mom + Dad❤️ One day it struck me that I didn’t have to give up granola, I simply needed to leave the oats out and add more nuts. And that’s what I did. I …

Birthday Breakfast

We just celebrated two very special birthdays. Our sons have birthdays that are one day apart, which lends to a very exciting December. Growing up, my mom began our special day with the breakfast of our choice. I always chose blueberry muffins. Not the blueberry muffins in the little blue box that were the occasional treat. I chose the streusel topped