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Over the last few years I’ve realized that God sure has given us loads of natural tools for our health, both our physical and emotional well being. Here I’ll share tips I’ve learned along my journey, as well as invite a few special friends to divulge their secrets from their natural medicine cabinets!

5 Natural Immune Boosters

Half of my family has already been sick with the flu. Why are we getting the flu when we’re so healthy? Well, the kiddos bring it home and they’re tiny little systems are still building up tolerances. Joe also tends to pick up more than normal because a. He’s male and b. He was a preemie, so his system is a bit compromised. With that said, he’s made tons of stride in strengthening his system via food choices, movement, stress management and self love. A wonderful benefit of eating an 80/20 diet (80% clean, 20% small indulgences) is when we do catch the flu or a nasty little bugger, our down time is usually 50% of the standard sick time or less. Let’s look at some natural immune boosters that are affordable and easily accessible. My personal fav –sunshine. Did you know that one of the best ways to boost your immune system is by increasing your Vitamin D intake? Supplements are ok, but they absorb differently for everyone. However, good ol’ fashioned sunshine is where it’s at! In the winter, …