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mmm…food. I have a deep and devout relationship with food. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, but I think we’ve finally begun to figure each other out and now we’re honeymooning.

As a teenager, I used food as a means of control, which led to eating disorders of many types. Through food education and LOADS of love and support from my tiny gang, food and I are now besties. I nourish my body with tasty and healthy-indulgent treats. I find food extremely fascinating – from a celluar level to sweet memory making with my family. It is a center of community and a grand source of sharing love. Food can literally feed the soul and warm the heart!

Here I will share recipes and ideas that will ignite your taste buds and leave your body and soul feeling uplifted. I have found through much experimentation that a Paleo inspired lifestyle works for our family. With that said, most of my recipes will be Paleo but those that aren’t will always be gluten free. Oh, and you won’t find one recipe here that hasn’t been taste tested by three kiddos and an extremely supportive husband. Many friends and family have also shared their feedback as well, leading to tweaking and playing to get the recipes as close as possible to absolutely delicious – with a capital D.

I hope you and yours enjoy them as much as our family has!

Love…and Utter Joy

Wow. You know that feeling you get when you set out to do something that could totally flop? You could fail and land face down first and eat mud? OR you could fly and breathe and feel complete exhilaration and utter joy? Well, the release of this blog last week did just that for me. I rolled out a similar concept a few years ago to little reception but plugged through for a few months until I finally let it fizzle. In the midst of my fizzling, I found out I was pregnant with Stella and work more than doubled – all big and beautiful Life happenings. On top of all of these Life happenings, a little voice in my head kept saying “Next month. You can pick it up again next month…” Excuse after excuse kept popping up until I finally realized tomorrow would never come unless I re-organized my time, stated my goal out loud (to real, live people) and set the date. I think this goal setting system might work well for me! And here we are. My heart is …

Birthday Breakfast

We just celebrated two very special birthdays. Our sons have birthdays that are one day apart, which lends to a very exciting December. Growing up, my mom began our special day with the breakfast of our choice. I always chose blueberry muffins. Not the blueberry muffins in the little blue box that were the occasional treat. I chose the streusel topped