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Do It Yourself.

Who? Me? Yes. You.

If you’re anything like me, you might break out in a sweat when you read those three little letters: DIY. I was the last person to craft or make anything homemade for most of my life. Over the last few years I’ve learned, and learned to LOVE, creating from scratch. It’s completely empowering and freeing to step back and look at how amazing and easy it is to create on your own (except for all those mad, crazy mistakes, but we’ll just learn from those). And we’ll save a little moolah while doing so! Nothing too complicated or fancy here. Just some simple and sweet fun.

The Sharpie Mug

I love me some pinterest. I have to be very careful not to overdue it and look up to take care of my family and husband. I’m teasing. Mostly. (I really do save my pinterest time for after the kids’ bedtime. Usually.) Well, I’ve been seeing the sharpie mugs for the last year now and finally decided to give it a go. I only had regular sharpies on hand and this is the process I ended up using.